Wo ist meine Mama? Die Geschichte meiner Familie.

Introduction: Wer ist meine Mama? Die Geschichte meiner Familie. Woher kommen meine Eltern? Wo ist meine Mutter? Wir erzählen die Geschichte unserer Familie, um zu zeigen, dass wir mit diesem Thema sehr am Hals haben. Viele Menschen wissen gar nicht, was für ein enormer Schatz unser Vater in Italien war. Und vielleicht auch Sie—wenn Sie bisher noch nicht besonders intensiv über diese Angelegenheit nachgedacht haben. Mit einem kurzen Beitrag hier in diesem Blogbeitrag will ich Ihnen erklären, was es damit auf sich hat und welche Folgen es hat für uns alle.

What is my Mama.

My Mama is a human who is my mom. She is my parent, and I am her child. My Mama is who I am because she is the one who raised me and made me the person I am today. My Mama is responsible for everything that happens in my life – from my decisions to how I spend my time.

My Mama Is My Family.

My Mama is also my family. We are a family of four – me, my two brothers, and our mother. We are all together and we love each other very much. We share everything together – we eat, sleep, play, and talk together. We are all important to each other and we love each other very much.

My Mama Is My Life.

Yes, even though my Daddy died when I was young, I still have the most important role in my life – as the mother of four children! No matter what may happen in the future, no matter how hard things get (or how wonderful things might seem), I will always be there for them – no matter what! And that’s really something special!

My Mama is My Family.

My Mama is the mother of my siblings and I. She is a black woman from the United States who was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

What is My Mama’s Religion.

My Mama is a Jehovah’s Witness.

What is My Mama’s Ethnicity.

My Mama is white.

What is My Mama’s Health Status.

My Mama has Cancer and she currently uses chemotherapy treatments to treat it (although her doctor has said that chemotherapy will likely end her life).

My Mama is My Life.

My Mama has an Associates Degree in Business Administration from Northern Kentucky University. My Mama also has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from the University of Louisville.

My Mama is 39 years old.

My Mama’s occupation is currently Undisclosed.


My Mama is my life, and I love her very much. She is important to me and I would never want to lose her. My Mama is my family, and I cherish them very much.

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